Welcome to my new adventure!

When my husband and I announced to our friends and family a few months ago that we were moving to Orlando everyone wanted to know when we were getting our Disney Annual Passes. We kept saying “By Christmas.” We really saw ourselves putting it off for a while to save up money and get settled into a routine…or something like that.

Well, apparently “By Christmas meant within 2 months 🙂 This week we pulled the trigger (thanks to the AWESOME payment program!) and we aren’t looking back. Now that we have the passes we plan to make the most of them. I will do my best to post about each of our visits to Disney property with any fun encounters or tips that we have with occasional guest posts from my husband and kids!

This site is independent from Disney and completely our thoughts, opinions, and experiences. If anything is every sponsored or subsidized we will let you know up front.

That’s about it for now. Feel free to share any tips, challenges, or questions that you have for us!

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