Star Wars at Hollywood Studios

In the beginning of December 2015 Disney opened Star Wars Launch Bay in the Animation Court at Hollywood Studios….and we have avoided it like the plague. haha

My husband and I have never been fans of Star Wars. We saw it when we were younger, but it just didn’t leave a lasting impression on us the way it did many people. However that wasn’t the only reason. With the holiday season in full swing and this being the last year for the Osborne Dancing Lights, Hollywood Studios’s parking lot frequently hit capacity which can only mean that the park was more than a bit crazy.

Launch Bay exterior


Our kids, on the other hand, are kind of obsessed with everything Star Wars. We almost always ride Star Tours at least once, we have gotten to the park early so the kids could participate in Jedi Training, and they have been eagerly looking forward to Launch Bay opening. Now that the holiday crowds have cleared out we decided to take the kids to explore.Animation Courtyard

I feel like the Launch Bay is a bit out of place in the Animation Court between the Disney Jr.and The Little Mermaid shows, but there you have it.

When you walk into Launch Bay you have the choice to go left or right. Left will take you to a video and the right will take you straight into the museum-esque part. We went to the left and watched the 10 minute video. It was cute enough, but not something I feel I need to do again unless they make major changes to it.

Launch Bay Video

After the movie we explored all through the different exhibits. There were costumes and set pieces to look at, as well as heavily themed areas that are excellent for pictures.

Space Chess

Rey Speedster

Once we got through that we came up to the character meet. With the choice of Chewbacca and Darth Vader my kids decided to go towards the Dark Side. It turns our that this was an excellent choice because Darth Vader will be leaving to make room for Kylo Ren in the near future.

Dark Side Lightsabers

Vader 1

Darth Vader welcomed the kids for making the choice to join the Dark Side and then Kid #1 showed him his Magic Band wrap that has Darth Vader’s picture and a lightsaber on it. (From MyFantasyBands – not sponsored, but tell her I sent you!).Vader Band

Up until this point Launch Bay seemed pretty neat, for Star Wars fans, but then we went into the Disney Infinity room. Yes, you read that right. You too can spend your time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios PLAYING A VIDEO GAME. We let the kids play for a few minutes but then dragged them out…thus concluding our visit to Launch Bay.

When we left we headed towards Star Tours at the demand of Kid #3, but the wait was 50 minutes which is just too long for us. However, the Jedi Training show was about to start and we had not seen it since the update so we stayed and watched it. The show was okay, but we liked the old show better. The highlight for me was 2 little girls dressed like classic Leia.

Jedi Training

The only thing I am a little sad about missing is the Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular which are the Star Wars themed fireworks. I love fireworks of all sorts. There is also a dessert party (that includes adult beverages!) for fireworks viewing (just like at Magic Kingdom). I’ve heard not so awesome things about different dessert parties and that they aren’t worth the cost ($69 for 10+ and $39 for 3-9)…I still want to do one just to try it myself.

Are you and your little ones excited about all of the Star Wars attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Are you planning on coming to Florida soon, or are you waiting until Star Wars land officially launches?

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