If you follow me on social media than you know that not too long ago I scored the Holy Grail of FP+ for almost any little girl – Anna and Elsa thanks to The Dibb! It has taken me a little while to get this post up because of switching computers, corrupt files, and the holidays, but here we go with our Princess-palooza!


Kids #2 and #3 and myself had FP+ to go meet Elsa and Anna around 10:20pm on a Saturday before their passes started blackout started. This was perfect!

We got out of Philharmagic right around 10 as the fireworks started which put us in my new favorite place to watch Wishes. Seriously, once you have seen Wishes from the usual view you need to stand somewhere around the carousel because you will be surrounded by fireworks. It is really neat to see how they layer them for the show.

When it was time for our FP+ we headed over to the Princess Hall and walked right in. The wait for Elsa and Anna was around 45 minutes (I believe) but with our passes we waited less then 5 before being ushered into the meet and greet room. Both of my kids were SUPER excited and could not wait to meet their idols.


Elsa - Disney Passholder Project

My kids were so excited they could barely do anything except smile and giggle. I had told them in advance to ask her questions or tell her how much they liked her, but they completely froze up. Maybe next time.

AnnaAnna - Disney Passholder Project

After  being so star struck with her sister I was a little worried about how they would be with Anna, but it was like night and day! She pulled them out of their shells and had them do stretches with her before heading to the North Mountain. THEY LOVED THIS! Kid #3 thought this was the greatest thing ever! He actually had a bigger reaction with her than when he met Woody and Jessie on his birthday!Anna 2 - Disney Passholder Project Kid #3 - Disney Passholder Project

THAT FACE!! I don’t think he could have been more excited if Olaf was there.

As with everything at Disney once you leave the attraction you are in a gift store. This gift store happened to have Minnie Mouse dressed up like Elsa so we had to get our picture with it!

Minnie Mouse - Disney Passholder Project

Since we had gotten in and out so quickly (we did get a fair amount of time with the princesses…no rushing!) and we weren’t set to meet up with the Space Mountain crew for a bit we decided to jump in Rapunzel and Cinderella’s 10 minute line. I don’t think we ended up waiting even that long!


Rapunzel - Disney Passholder Project

I figured since they had warmed up with Anna that they two would be fine with Princesses Round 2, but they clammed back up! LOL Rapunzel did get down on their level to interact with them which they loved. She even complimented my daughter’s skirt saying it looked like paint and that absolutely made her day. She still talks about it.

Rapunzel 2 - Disney Passholder Project


Cinderella - Disney Passholder Project

Cinderella was so stinking cute! I loved her. For some reason Kid #2 kept showing her her shoes (that have Anna and Elsa on them and are falling apart) so they all had a shoe fashion show. It was awesome.

Cinderella 2 - Disney Passholder Project


Here is my #1 tip for meeting characters…don’t just stand there and smile, INTERACT WITH THEM. The more questions and things that you have for them the better your interaction with them will be (and the better pictures you will get!). One person who always has AMAZING interactions with characters is The Character Queen. Check out his pictures and videos…always good for a giggle!

Interact With Them - Disney Passholder Project

What are the best character experiences you have had? Why were they so amazing?

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