Christmas at the Magic Kingdom

The parks have all been pretty busy on the weekends since Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Parties and Food and Wine started. This week we decided to check out the Magic Kingdom in the middle of the week because it was BOUND to be slower…right?!


Main Street - Christmas at Magic Kingdom

We arrived at the park right around dusk and were heading up Main Street towards our first FP+ (Jingle Cruise) ohhing and aweing all of the Christmas decorations when an announcement was made. Elsa would be lighting the castle in 5 minutes.

It was like fate! We had watched the first lighting the other night when it was streamed online and Kid #2 was SO EXCITED (who am I kidding, I was excited too). This is something that I thought was just for the Christmas party and here we were walking right into it!

Blue Castle - Christmas at Magic Kingdom

We politely pushed our way through the crowd to find a good spot in the Hub. We ended up being right behind a pretty big TV screen that the show was on that I am pretty sure was there because they are recording the Christmas parade this week in the park.

And then it began with a little banter from the characters and Olaf being Olaf before the main event, and as with most Disney shows, it did NOT disappoint!

White Castle - Christmas at Magic Kingdom

After the lighting was Jingle Cruise time! We had only been on the Jungle Cruise once before and I couldn’t wait to see the holiday overlay. It was adorable and we had a great skipper! The special cruise Santa hats were awesome and I kind of want one.

Jingle Cruise - Christmas at Magic Kingdom

We also had some extra special Disney magic. Peter Pan was flying by and saw how brightly our kids were shining and sent 2 castmembers with a special present for them…a HUGE hot fudge sundae! They were beyond thrilled (especially since we had NO intention of buying anything).

Ice Cream - Christmas at Magic Kingdom

We only hit a few rides since it was a school night and we had to get home (we also had some VERY cranky/sleepy kids), but it was a wonderful night. I can’t wait to spend a full day in the park (and maybe grab some better pictures). We also didn’t sample any of the fun, seasonal treats and that HAS to happen!

Are you coming to Disney for the holidays? What are you most looking forward to?

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