Our First Passholder Trip

There is a rule in our house that each child’s first trip to Disney (Magic Kingdom) has to be alone with Mommy and Daddy. This way we can focus on just them and taking in the magic. Kid’s #1 and #2 each went right around their third birthday. However, around Kid #3’s third birthday we weren’t able to make the trip due to work commitments. We just passed his fourth birthday in July and we knew it would be our first trip once we were down here.

Well, when we got our Annual Passes we couldn’t get a babysitter for the older kids for a few days, so we decided to hit Hollywood Studios since it would be brand new to all five of us. Bring on the Pixie Dust!

Friday August 14, 2015

My husband had some comp hours saved up so he took a half day and we made the trip down to the park right around lunchtime. We packed sandwiches and snacks for the kids to eat in the car because as Annual Passholders we don’t want to break the bank on food.

After a quick pit stop at the ticket counters to trade in our annual pass voucher for our ticket cards we were off! And we walked right in to a ton of Frozen Summer Fun! We were perfectly placed for the tail end of the Frozen parade..and (of course) that is where Elsa is! Kid #2 was exploding with excitement.

Elsa - Hollywood Studios

I can’t comment on the parade as a whole, but the “Let it Go” at the tail end and when it STARTED SNOWING was lovely! We were also able to follow the parade for a little while before veering off to check out the Disney Jr. section of the park.

I’m sure anyone without small children will just zoom past this area, but we were very excited. I mean, we *may* have been watching the Disney Jr. Live on Stage show on Youtube for years and have watched it change and use different characters. Before the show started we took a few minutes to meet a couple of friends. These lines were relatively short and we only missed meeting Doc McStuffins because we had to get in line for the show. She also had the longest wait of the three.

Sofia - Hollywood Studios

Jake - Hollywood Studios

I cannot believe how excited Kid #1 looks to be meeting Jake. I’m always worried that he is growing up too quickly and this gives me hope that he is still a little boy.

If you have little kids the Live on Stage show is awesome with tons of interactions. I mean, who doesn’t love bubbles and gold dubloons being thrown into the audience?

We then spent our day virtually walking on to ride after ride (including Star Tours) and into shows (Muppets!!!)…until Toy Story Midway Mania. OY! We had walked by this ride many times through the day and were constantly checking the My Disney Experience app to try and find the smallest wait times. It was almost always around 2 hours. WHAT?! I hate to waste so much time in line. There is so much to see! Finally, after an early dinner at the ABC Commissary we decided to brave the 85 minute wait line. Thankfully the line was really only about 60 minutes and not too painful. As with most newer rides at Disney the line is so in brand and entertaining. It was like you were dumped into the bottom of Andy’s toy chest with giant toy pieces and cards everywhere. There was even an animatronic Potato Head gabbing with everyone (and holding up the line) as people took pictures.

Toy Story - Hollywood Studios

THIS RIDE WAS AWESOME, but basically just an updated version of the Buzz Lightyear ride at Magic Kingdom. It was fun, but not worth the wait as an adult. My kids, however, thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We finished up our day with the 9pm showing of Fantasmic and then Frozen fireworks. I had heard how awesome Fantasmic was, but I knew nothing about the actual show. This might have been the highlight of the trip! I absolutely LOVE the water projections. This makes me excited for the new show that they are putting in at Animal Kingdom. This is a FastPass+ option, but the way that the theatre is set up I don’t think you need it.

Once Fantasmic let out we headed towards Hollywood Boulevard and the entrance of the park. This set us up perfectly for the fireworks with a quick escape to the trams.

Overall it was an amazing trip and got us super excited for Kid #3’s birthday trip to Magic Kingdom two days later.

Our Experiences – not necessarily in this order

  • Frozen parade
  • Sofia and Jake meet and greet
  • Disney Jr. Live on Stage
  • The Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • Star Tours
  • The Great Movie Ride
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Adventure
  • Muppet Vision 3D
  • ABC Commissary
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Fantasmic
  • Frozen Fireworks


My husband and I host a fan podcast, Greetings from Storybrooke, about the show Once Upon a Time and we had a little too much fun geeking out over the Mr. Gold’s Shop storefront.

Mr. Gold's Shop - Hollywood Studios Gold 3Thanks for joining me for our first trip to Walt Disney World as Annual Passholders! Stay tuned for our next trip…Magic Kingdom!

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2 thoughts on “Our First Passholder Trip

    1. Star Tours was pretty awesome…even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars. Sadly, Mr. Gold’s shop is just a store front, but the window display is awesome! There was the unicorn mobile, Belle’s tea set, at least one magic lamp, Gepetto’s clock, and so much more! I know a lot of people skip Hollywood Studios, but I think it’s worth the trip!


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